Important notice.

Hey, guys... at this point, I'm pretty much going to declare this Livejournal abandoned. I've been posting announcements here both because there's hundreds of people with it on their friends list and because I have a sentimental attachment to it, as this is where MU started, but at this point, with all the different stuff I'm juggling, it makes more sense to me to have one place for all announcements and news, and that place is going to be ... if you want to know what's new with me and my writing without leaving LJ, you can add its feed to your friends:

alexandra_erin Oh, and of course, for those who didn't see it, the feed for Tales of MU chapters is >talesofmu

Another round-about way to help MU!

So, I took a story series that I started writing looong ago and put it on this site called Storiesonline, which is a free platform for syndicating stories... online (you'd never work that out from the name, would you?). Now, the more people read and vote on the story on Storiesonline, the more publicity it gets within the site, which means the more new readers learn my name and want to read more of my work. If everybody currently reading Tales of MU ends up reading this, then I'll be among the top-ranked authors on Storiesonline for sure.

So please, check out Void Dogs... to be updated twice weekly, with individual chapters for a series of pulpish novels, the first of which is titled Hot Swap. How would I describe it? The drug-addled lovechild of Firefly and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, reared on my love of magic-for-technology swaps and nontraditional views on sexuality... the latter being played more for laughs than it is in MU.

Oh, and credit where credit is due: Void Dogs is based largely on ideas contributed by my dear friends Sonya K. Dragon and Quinn Isley.


Want to really help MU take off? A lot of people have told me they can't figure out an easy way to describe the story to their friends but if they can convince them to read the first chapter, they're hooked and it ends up speaking for itself.

With that in mind, I am inviting people to post the entire first chapter (text reproduced below) on their own blogs, personal web spaces, forums (so long as it's not in the context of spamming... a bulletin board, link board, or shameless plug board is usually okay), so long as they make no changes or additions to it and include the whole text between the rows of asterisks.

Note that it is VERY IMPORTANT to include the whole text between the rows of asterisks, especially the paragraph that begins "The following is a copy..." Among other things, that paragraph contains the warning of age-appopriateness and the permission for people to repost it.

Note! Terms expanded October 1st!

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News of the MU.

Well, I've made a couple of additions to the site... at a reader's request, I added a row of buttons to the page which can be used to submit MU to various social bookmarking/sharing type sites (stumbleupon and the like)... if you use any of those services and haven't yet shared MU, now you have no excuse...

Speaking of excuses for not telling people about MU, if you find yourself unsure that any of your friends would enjoy the adult content of MU, you can always direct them to my other serial, Tribe:Fantasy In Miniature which will be updating again tonight... stealth marketing. Hee hee.

Also, because the donation total hit over $200 last week, I owe you guys a bonus story, which'll be going up today. I wanted to have it done on the weekend, but wrestling with took up more of my time than I expected.

Book 2 on sale!

Click here to buy. Or even just to look at. In addition to the chapters 23-52, there's a foreword (the entirety of which can be viewed in the preview), and a section with background on several characters' names at the end of the book.

Book two publication news.

I've got the manuscript and cover for book two finished, but's file conversion system is giving me problems. If everything clears itself up, I should have book two available for sale by midnight (CST) tonight. The book is 374 pages long, and includes a foreword and a bonus section describing where some of the characters' names came from. The price will tentaviely be $15.25... the higher price is because Lulu charges for each page. I'm going to keep the electronic version at $6.25, though, because there is no per-page or production fees for it.

Tribe: Fantasy In Miniature

For people who've missed my mentions elsewhere, I'd like to announce Tribe: Fantasy In Miniature (formerly referred to as "The Tribe", changed when I realized that nobody in the story referred to the titular organization with the definite article in front of it)... this is a micro-fiction serial I'm writing, in 333 word chunks every day. Kind of an exercise in brevity, for wordy ol' me.

I'd describe it as a mixture of dark, urban, and low fantasy. It's also intended to be more of an anthology series... instead of following one protagonist like MU does, different arcs will show different sets of characters, so it will give me a chance to show my versatility. Also, the stories in it will be generally less NSFW (or more SFW?) than MU is... no particular reason, except that they're just a different kind of story.

There's an RSS feed, which I've added to LJ... no, I don't know why it collected the first few out of order... but if you find you enjoy Tribe and want to keep up with it on your friends page, just add the_tribe_story

A quick reader survey.

Poll #1046138 Spanks For The Memories

How do you feel about the inclusion of BDSM/fetishistic content in Tales of MU? Think of this as a survey, rather than a vote... I'm merely curious how people take these elements, especially as they recurred throughout Book 2. I'm not about to change the story to have any more or any less of anything based on the results. Just... curious.

It's the highlight of the story.
It's a positive addition to the story.
It's another part of the story.
It's distracting/detracting from the story.
It wrecks the story.

I'll be cross-posting this on the MU forum. Because it's not, for instance, a general election, feel free to register your opinion in both places... and to elaborate with a comment, if you feel the need.

Bear in mind that, as always, suggestions to the effect that I need to change the story to keep somebody's patronage as a reader will be met with withering hostility. :P

Book two compilation update.

I have all the existing material for book 2 compiled and ready to go, but I think I'm going to hold back on offering it for sale another week. I'd like to be able to offer something in the way of extra material (supplemental information, for instance) to people who buy the book... nothing that would be required to enjoy or understand future stories, obviously, but something to say thank you to people who purchase it. I've got a couple ideas there. I guess I'll see what I develop.

Book three will still kick off on Monday.

Some random MU news.

Whee... I kind of like being able to talk about what I'm doing, MU-wise, without worrying about it interrupting the flow of the story archive.

I have finally made a proper gallery to showcase the excellent fan art I've received to date. It includes the first drawing of Mackenzie, a cartoonist's interpretation by the artist of Swedish Fish.

I've also put a FAQ page, which seems more constructive than answering the same questions over and over again until I blow my top... though a bit less fun. Hmm, that reminds me. I need to put a section on science in there.

As a test, I did some limited advertising with a tall banner that briefly highlighted MU's sexual content (in the form of a mock warning about "sexual undertones, sexual overtones, and sexual tones.") That ad not only attracted less hits than most ads I've run, but the people who did click on it didn't stick around as much, either.

That's pretty much in line with what I expected. When people called MU "pornographic" in the past, I told them that people who came looking for porn were apt to be disappointed. It's nice to have a sort of confirmation that it's the character development and storytelling that keep people coming back, not the lesbian spanking.